Martin’s tweed Princeton build

“I thought you might like to see some pictures of the cab I built for my WF-55.  The amp build itself was a breeze – took me less than a day about 5 months ago!  I’ve only just finished the cab.  It’s for my son to take to university in September, and he’s very happy with the vintage look.

“The covering is Tweed cloth, which I then treated with shellac (knotting solution thinned with meths) put on very lightly, about three coats. I’m going to experiment on a trial piece with a further coat of wax. The build was pine, with (bad) hand cut dovetails, all done to a remit (from my son) to make it as small as possible. Having said that I went for a 10″ speaker. I built it for him to take to university in September.”