Mats’ not-so-humble contribution

“Here comes my humble contribution to your customer amp gallery with the N5X amp which I have now finished. Again I would like say that the instructions were excellent and the building process went without any troubles even though it was the first amplifier that I built. To complete the project I made a matching speaker cabinet with a 12 inch Celestion Vintage speaker.
“The head and speaker cabinets are of my own design. I looked around a bit for typical sizes of cabinets to get some reasonable proportions. The material I used was 18 mm birch plywood, the material of choice according to the gurus on the web.
“When it comes to challenges I would agree that the woodworking can be trickier than the soldering, and on the outside you will see your mistakes. If your soldering are not aesthetic appealing, at least you don’t see it. One advice based one my experience is to let someone with professional machine tools cut the pieces of the plywood board, if these have correct dimensions and right angles it is a piece of cake to fit them together. The greatest challenge was to mount the grill cloth and get it perfectly straight and stretched as a drumhead (which I didn’t really succeed with).
“The result is great, I really enjoy the sound of the N5X and have sold my old amp. The powder control is a great feature to be able to get some gain also at moderate volume.”