Megan’s WF-55 with tone control

“The covering is black leatherette of the sort used for upholstery and occasionally fashion clothing and has a sort of white cloth back. I stuck it with PVA glue. The little amp corners came from Etsy which is a most unlikely supplier for such things. They normally supply a lot of craft type stuff. The handle was actually a drawer handle from B&Q and the grille cloth for an imitation speaker front was Marshall type. Very stiff to work with and I haven’t got it very flat but looks ok.

“I painted all the inside with a small amount of blackboard paint from Hobbycraft so the pale wood did not show through. I drilled holes in the front “speaker” panel to give a bit more ventilation and also so you can just about see the valve glow through it. The tone mod works just fine as well. Thanks again for all your help.”By the way I suspect I am your first old lady customer! First valve amp build at the age of nearly 69.”