Mike’s blue-green combo

“Well, I must say, this was one of the most enjoyable projects I’’ve ever done. I elected to get a cabinet built by a company called Sour Mash Guitar Cabs as they are in north Florida. They built a beautiful 18 watt 1×12 British style combo cab for the amp. I purchased a British-made Celestion Greenback G12H per your recommendation and put the whole system together today.

“It really sounds nice. I love the power control that adjusts the output voltage in lieu of an expensive resistive attenuator. I can get clean to crazy overdriven tones using this. I don’’t have a guitar with humbucker pickups (mine only have single-coil) so I will need to try one with humbuckers sometime to see how it sounds. You know what they say, what keeps electronics working is keeping in the smoke. I didn’’t let any smoke out so all is good.”