Mike’s SE-5a combo

“It’s finished! And it sounds great, I’m so pleased with it! Cab was a self build and my first ever effort, 18mm ply – fender brown oxblood grill cloth – top mount style just to be a bit different from my other (bought) amps which are front mounted! Managed to find the top vents on a discarded amp in a skip at my work!

“I put in a 10inch celestion “tube” speaker which has a really nice tone but has left me with an amp that I can use in the house without too much moaning from wife and kids! Plenty of volume when required though. Also hooked it up with a Behringer GI-100 so I can use it for small gigs too. Love the versatility of this amp gives so much tonal control. Can’t stop playing it!!

“Once I’ve got a few guitar projects done and the wife has forgiven me I should be back in touch.”