Neil Bannister’s SuperLite build

There are many ways to get more gain out of the vintage 18W circuit, and the SuperLite is among the most popular. Neil is one of many builders to go his own way: “Hi just a quick note regarding developments of my (initial) SuperLite build. I decided to to install the two dual-gang pots. One on the Gain (to enable driving the second triode of V1 and some of the signal from V1 into the PI and one on the Master volume (which is now post-PI).”

“The standard build used a 1uF cathode on the first triode. With the spare space freed up by removing the two 470K resistors on the board next to the first cathode resistor, I installed another 2 larger value caps which I can switch in or out to get different fuller sounds – not sure until I open the amp up at higher volumes as to whether these will work or not. I think this kind of design is really neat as at low volumes you can get considerable PI distortion.”