Nic’s blanc stack

“I’ve completed the 2×12 cab to match the head cab that Chris made (And although I say it myself, I think I’ve given it a level of care and finesse that even he would be proud of!)

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the whole project, so once again, thanks for an excellent set up, that’s given me the confidence to build something that I’m so proud of and is the envy of my chums! Whilst I’m quite sure you are regularly inundated with snaps of all sorts of heads and combos from gushing simpletons like myself, I’m going to send you a couple of snaps of my finished project anyway, as I’ve not seen a similar combination in the gallery and it may inspire someone else to have as much fun as I have!

“The ‘Point blanc’ logo was just a transfer paper reversed onto the rear of a piece of £1.50 cut perspex! I’m glad you said you liked it as it was the only bit I worried about looking a bit naff!”