Remote area shipping costs

If you are lucky enough to live far from the madding crowd – in earshot of the melancholy cry of the timber wolf, perhaps, or in sight of majestic migrations of exotic animals, or even in the shadow of a not-quite-dormant volcano (Aso, right) – there’s some bad news. The courier is likely to impose a surcharge for delivering the order to you. I think it’s some sort of jealousy tax levied on you because the rest of us must live cheek-by-jowl in urban areas.


This surcharge affects only courier-shipped orders; that’s to say those orders over 2kg when packed for shipment. Alas, that includes all amp kits. Orders under 2kg ship via regular postal services which have flat rates agreed between postal organisations around the globe: there are no shipping surcharges for remote areas.


The courier surcharge – for Norwegian fjord-dwellers, Scottish highlanders and Aussie sheep-shearer – may be around £15. That’s beyond my control, unfortunately, and the shopping cart isn’t sophisticated enough to know this information. This means that I often do not find out until I come to book the courier shipment. If it happens I will let you know the options and you can decide whether to cancel or proceed.