Rhys N5X combo

“I’ve attached a couple of photos of the finished amp. AF Custom Cabs is an hour down the road from me and Mark built me a solid pine 18-watt style cab for a very reasonable price. The craftsmanship is head and shoulders above any amp I’ve owned. I have a Greenback in it for the classic Marshall sound.

“I’m currently running an EL84 but I have an EL34 I want to try after I’’ve read up a bit more about cathode biasing single ended class A valves. I was interested in trying an amp with voltage scaling, but I’’ve found that I tend to leave it at 10 and just get my sound from the master and gain. The EQ switches are very useful though. Very satisfying and enjoyable project overall, glad I finally got round to buying one of your kits.”

More build photos: www.flickr.com/photos/14289721@N03/sets/72157644812570661/