Richard’s stunning Double Six combo

“Thanks for your advice on Friday regarding grounding testing on my new Double Six build. I completed the Final Testing and all the meter readings were perfect. Plugged in, switched on, played. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. ItÂ’s just the best.

“It is very difficult to get hold of small lengths of hardwood; but I realised that an old piece of wood that had been used for many years as a ramp for running the wheelbarrow up in the garden was in fact, under all the dirt, a beautiful piece of Mahogany. That was used for the sides and an off-cut of Red Pine windowsill completed the top and trim pieces.

“All were finished with a couple of coats of Danish Oil and polished off with Beeswax spray. I wanted my design to have very clean lines and managed to suspend the amp without the top bolts showing. The front cloth was bought from an upholstery fabric shop. The speaker is a 12-inch Greenback. Sounds just great.”