Rob Jansen’s much modded PP-36

Rob’s PP-36 starts with the regular PP-36 parts and turret boards, but he has added quite a few of his own touches (as the internal photo shows).

“I finally finished the amp, after much experimenting with the preamp. There is one more ECC83 for more gain and a cathode follower before the tone stack. And the power reducer pot has become a master volume. No audible hum or noise at ‘normal’ volumes. I had no trouble with noise or squeal, though I made separate earthgroups for preamp and poweramp, and made one star earthing point were they all come together. I connected the input connector earth directly to the chassis via a small cap. to kill radio frequencies. I agree with you this is not an amp for a novice builder. Specially not when you want to modify things.

“I shortened the chassis at both sides, so I could keep the cabinet smaller in size. It was not so much trouble to cut off the chassis flanges, I spot-welded the corners of the chassis first so that the sides were stable.”