Rob Loflin’s SE-5a half stack

“Attached are some pics of the SE-5a. I’ve got to tell you: this amp rules! It sounds really awesome. I’m amazed at the range of tones I can get with just my guitar and the amp. The distortion that this thing produces is very classic and very much like the Vox Night Train to my ears. And, importantly, when I add in the stompboxes, the preamp seems to really handle them well. Particularly, the sound of the EH Sparkle Drive and Boss BD-2 Blues Driver. I also added the Digitech RV-7 Stereo Reverb Pedal, which has true bypass switching and was my favorite of all the reverb pedals. Everyone who has heard this amp loves it, and is also blown away by the volume. I’ve now converted several friends to low watt heads.

“I sort of used the cabinets on your website as inspiration for my cabinets. The speaker cab has another panel for the option of a closed-back design. The cabinet is a 2×12 with 25W WGS Green Beret speakers (”