Rob’s classic 50W plexi build

“I thought you’d like to see pics of the 1987x I was building, quite a few of the parts are from yourself, most of the parts on the board, wiring kit, hardware kit, switches, fuse holders etc.

“It’s got the standard style master volume on the back which works well. Only thing left to do is the 500pf across the volume pot which this one needs. I’m leaving out the 0.86uF cathode bypass cap on V2 as I use a strat quite a bit and my Les Paul is quite toppy.

“Nice AC/DC sound on at about 4 on the volume, tones at 1 o’clock and bypass cap on volume. I prefer it to the JTM45 I built at the moment but that could be down to the master volume which I still haven’t done on that one yet.”