Simon Baker’s rich ash combo

“It sounds incredible. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve always thought my bridge pickup sounded a bit two dimensional (JB Humbucker), until I put it through this. I just want to play through now. The amp just sings. It truly is more than I expected from an amp, and very loud. I put in a VVR, which is located at the back in the 16-ohm speaker hole where only I can get to it.

“The speaker is a Celestion 8ohm G12H Anniversary model, and I have put a Tayden diffuser in front to spread the high frequencies. I’ve put a Fender handle on it and Fender corners along with a Marshall valve grille plate. The cabinet is made of ash off cuts from my work, with chunky dovetails holding it together. I used an oil based varnish called Osmo which has much less yellow to it than Danish oil and others, and gives the ash a bit more of a natural blonde ‘glow.’ It looks good on oak floors as well!”