Simon’s HRD reborn…

“Many thanks for the swift dispatch, order safely received today. I’d accidentally turned my Hot Rod Deluxe into a useless pile of junk by swapping a few components in order to “improve” it but actually resulting it in producing an ear splitting hum/roar every time it was switched on.… The final solution was to rip to out the whole lot, retaining the cabinet, chassis, iron and the mains bits and bobs and, using your marvellous threaded turrets and turret board and other components from your website, rebuilt the whole thing.


“I based it on the normal “channel” of an AB763 Super Reverb circuit, splicing in the reverb. I used up the little holes in the faceplate by adding a few little switches to switch the V1 cathode, the NFB and a tone stack by-pass. The tube driven reverb needed a different tank, and also involved drilling a hole for an extra tube. I didn’’t go as far as putting in a tube rectifier (no 5V on the PT) but did get suckered into getting a Weber Copperhead which meant drilling another hole. (It’’s a handy place to keep the diodes, I’’ve got a ready-made hole if I want to swap it for a tube rectifier in the future, and it looks kinda cool).


“The other major change was the speaker and I swapped if for a Warehouse G12a, which just about fitted. I’’ve not added a presence control just yet and the effects loop holes are blanked off – but the reverb is footswitchable. I doubt it sounds anything like a real Super Reverb as I didn’’t get the proper transformers and it’s not 4×10 speakers, but I think it sounds marvellous, particularly compared to the original, (which was not bad for a mass produced amp).


“The wiring was not as neat as I would have liked (partly due to me putting the pre-amp valves the wrong way round and having to cross the wires coming from the board – arggh!) But other than that I’’m pretty pleased with it! My next build is to do something similar with a little single ended 6v6 amp I’’ve had sitting round for a while (currently an Electar 6L6) and I’’m also doing an 18W clone build but using a cage cabinet.”