Stephen’s unconventional P1800 combo

“Please see attached some photos of my lovely and lusty P1800. In addition to the Brimar 6CH6 output valves it also has a couple of Brimar ECC83 in the pre-amp. I’’m using 2×10 Eminence ‘Ramrod’ by way of speakers and the combination is very rich.

“Obviously I am going to say it sounds great but after only 8 playing hours in but the driven sound is like bubbles and bellows like fire in zero G. The clean isn’’t really but has a very sweet chime to it and is as addictive as the range of driven sounds are. As it beds in I know there is a lot more ‘sweetness’ to come but I’’m very chuffed.

“The sound is the star here though, and I’’m really chuffed with this amp’s character. I think I now know what 3D sound is now. It really feels alive. I have a ‘blueprinted’ Bulgera 6260 that sounds very tasty– big butch and very muscular – it ‘barks’ given half a chance. But it is all gain and that gain does not have much in the way harmonics or that lovely ‘bubbling’ of the distorted sound – very addictive!”