Steve Young’s amp – with roll-bar!

Not everyone wants to hide away their amp-building handiwork in a wooden case! Here’s Steve’s approach to keeping it all on show: a chassis with bass plate and roll-over protection, just like a roadster. 🙂 Steve also built the two matching speaker cabinets, using Celestion Heritage speakers.

“The idea for the cage came about as I wanted some way to keep the valves and transformers visible whilst still providing protection against knocks, etc. To make the cage, I bought 2 square 10mm section aluminium bars from B&Q and made a jig out of MDF to bend them. It took a few hours to get the bends right and both sides looking the same but I’m pleased with the end result.”I bought a Hardwire reverb pedal to complete the set up. I’m mainly using the rig with the Gain very low (about 2) for a really good clean sound using my 30 year old Gibson SG. The sound is fantastic – so good a number of people have asked if will make one for them! I have declined as I don’t have the time but it’s a great testament to the quality and design of your kit. When trying out various reverb pedals I found the the back-ground hiss and hum from them was way too much, particularly as the SE-5a has virtually no hiss or back-ground hum. I ended up with the Hardwire pedal which is virtually noise-less. Fantastic. I also put a Vox overdrive pedal in front of the reverb pedal to give a bit of blues bite. Wow! Even my non-muso mates have commented on how good it sounds.”