Stu Harper’s ever-changing SL-18

“I finished this build must be nigh on 18-24 mths ago and it has been through a few revisons since. Started life as a stock PP-18, migrated into a SL-18 type build with a TMB stack, had a VVR in it for a while reducing the B+ voltages through the amp and toning it down to a more wife friendly level, but needed the VVR for another amp so added the 2,9,18 watt break before make switch on the very left of the front panel.

“The wooden case is New Zealand-native 80 year old heart rimu, all painstakingly dovetail jointed and finished in a wax rub. With the open front of the cab decided to backlight the tubes with gimicky LEDs running off the valve heater supply with a small resistor and cap to smooth out the flicker causing ripple in the supply.

“Amp is still going strong and must say this one gets more use than both of my two other larger amps. Great product Barry keep it up.”