April 2021 changes

After shutting down the web shop to make many changes to the workshop, I have reopened having made some important decisions about the direction of Amp Maker. From this point on, I will focus on amplifier kits and I will clear out all other small components and parts.


Over the next few weeks, many parts will be drastically reduced in price and moved to the Clearance section. Once sold out, these parts will be discontinued, and no longer available to buy. Unfortunately, with just me here and trying to get a decent work/life balance it isn’t possible to maintain viable stocks of the smaller components.


Instead, Amp Maker will focus solely on amplifier kits, chassis and transformers. More choice, better documentation and better availability. I’ve had many ideas for kits – and some kits offline for too long – and the time that I don’t spend buying and packing small parts is time that I will dedicate to kit development.


In addition, there are also new cabinet maker options to bring on board in the next few weeks. Chris (Cabs by Chris) is slowly retiring and so I have lined up some other suppliers. Watch this space for news on that.