Tim’s first amp and first build

“The amp is all finished now, picture attached. It’s a 5W single-ended Class A design using mostly your parts taken from a US kit schematic, with EL84 Power Tube, ECC83S pre-amp tube. It sounds great. It has volume bass and treble. You really can dial in any tone you want.

“I made the cabinets from pine (oak was too expensive) I then coated the wood in a dark oak beeswax and finished off with beeswax polish, really pleased with the finish. Looks like a expensive bit of kit for the fraction of the cost of hardwood. I used a very simple interlocking joint that with a bit of time and care anyone can do and looks great.

“The chassis was made from aluminium as it is easy to bend and with only a vice. The grills are made from mild steel purchased from B&Q, they have quite a retro pattern to them. I just applied clear lacquer to these to keep the mild steel colour.

“The cab is an open back fitted with a Jenson P10R Alnico, mixed reviews can be found online but I must say I love it, Some say it’s too bright but this matches my amp well. It breaks up into highly compressed distortion quite early and with finesse. Allot of fun to play.

“Took me 3 weekends to complete everything is hand made from scratch (chassis etc..) I have only been playing guitar for 6 weeks but couldn’t find an amp that I liked so built one.” :)