Trevor’s mini-stack

“I’ve attached a photo of my fully completed N5X amplifier. I built the cabinet from pine furniture board using finger joints. (After making a jointing jig.) I had intended leaving it bare wood, but my woodworking is not as good as I thought it was! The covering is Marshall red elephant tolex.

“The logo is hand cut from 2mm modellers plasticard. Starlight was my nick name at school and I wanted a lightweight amplifier as I can no longer hump heavy gear about, hence Starlite.

“The speaker is a Celestion G12H 30th Anniversary model in a closed back cab. I opted for a separate speaker cab in preparation for my next project (Double Six?)

……”Now I’’ve been playing it for a while I’m amazed by the tone and responsiveness, how you can go from clean to crunch just by digging in with the pick.”