Eirik’s WF-55 stealthily built into old radio

“Received it today, smuggled into basement, beer can opened, solderstation powered on 🙂 All good!

“Finally finished the amp off. The cabinet is a 1948 Tandberg solvsuper 4. I have kept the original speaker which sounds great with the WF-55. Thanks again (wifey think it is a vintage radio).

“The original speaker makes it sound very nice, darkish and mellow, rich and glassy at the same time. I did a test on 2×12 guitar cabinet and a 12” vintage organ speaker from the 70’s, and compared it before I built in the amp to the radio cabinet. The organ speaker had too much of a Hi-Fi range enhancing the top and bottom, making it unusable as a guitar speaker (nasty crunch). The 2×12 just did not suit the tone (hard to explain as they do work wonderful with N5X amp, which is my main amp for the moment). “The radio speaker just does wonders, even though it is designed as a Hi-Fi speaker as well (I guess the term “Hi-Fi” has changed since 1948).”