Jeff’s WF-55 with retro speakers

“I just wanted to get back to you with some feedback now I’ve been living with my WF-55 for a couple of months. Firstly let me say that the build was a piece of cake due to your outstanding instructions – worked beautifully first time. It was quite a thrill plugging the speaker and then my strat in for the first time and hearing the gorgeous tones emerging – the more volume the better it sounded!

“I could not be happier and feel that the palette of sounds and responsiveness to guitar volume, pick attack etc are nothing short of amazing – I’m still discovering new and inspiring sounds that can be coaxed from the little WF-55 – pretty amazing for 4 watts and a single volume knob ! I was going to include some of the mods, but simply don’t want to tamper with the sounds I’m getting. Having used big complex amps over the years I love the simplicity of a single control. BTW, I mostly play it through a Jensen P12R equipped speaker cab and it is a match made in heaven.”