Haydn Follis’ green gem

This amp is so well finished it really does shame many commercially made amps. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – it’s all about the details. From the ‘7ollis’ logo in the top-left corner to the super neat neat piping.

“This shows the matching green, gold and white colour scheme of my home made Brandoni Strat that I built a number of years ago. The donor cab was an old 70’s HH IC100S 2×12 combo (no amp) that I had lying around. This had to be broken apart and cut to size. It deserves a quality speaker but one of the HH speakers (50W) is pretty good so I’ll use that for now until I can treat myself to a nice quality one like a Celestion or Eminence.

“The front name plates are hand cut from a piece of ‘Mother of Pearl’ sheet left over from the Strat project. The back information plate is solid brass with an inkjet printed waterslide decal and sprayed with acrylic clear coat.”