Don Taylor’s SE-5a mini-stack

A lot of amp builders can’t wait to show off their finished amps to friends and bandmates. Doesn’t always go to plan! “I sold the SE-5a and my cab to a friend as part of his stage setup. He was using a Marshall Class 5…. A/B with a Blues Deluxe. He was certain the Class 5 lacked quality tone because of the 10” speaker…… till I swapped your baby into it….and lo and behold, the Class 5 came to life.

“It was sooooooo much better, well that was that. But he couldn’t wait to build a cab of his own. So tonight it’s getting a run in his studio and no doubt being used with his teaching lessons. So when I get paid I’ll be after a 18W SuperLite TMB. Hope you don’t run out of those!”