Mark’s black-n-white P1800 head

“I did my final testing this afternoon. It all looked good and plugged the amp in to play soon after. I’m really pleased with the results, the amp sounds superb. I’ve currently got it plugged in to a Marshall 4×12 but will be making a more portable 2×12 when time allows.

“I love the cleaner channel… it sounds so much better than any other amp I’ve tried. My main amps at the moment are a Laney Lionheart l5t-112 which I thought was pretty good and a Marshall Valvestate 8100 that does rehearsal due. Your P1800 sounds way better than either. The hot channel is great too although I’ll give it a proper run next rehearsal.

“I loved the build and have nothing but positive feedback on the amp, components and instructions. Given it was my first build it went pretty well and the only confusing bits were caused by my errors using an incorrect resistor and one capacitor during the build leaving me with the wrong parts at the end of the build. A review of the diagrams quickly enabled me to sort that out.”