Stephen’s stunning mini-stack

“I made up your P1800 kit and it worked, wow! After listening blind to a bunch of speaker demos on Youtube, all the ones I liked had a slow attack heavy magnet etc, so alnico celestions which are really expensive and then a reasonable price Eminance Patriot at a third the cost.

“So to the cabs, as a guitar maker I’ve bought some big old planks of cigar box cedar that is great in classical guitar necks and inside, but one of them had a grain that twisted, not best for necks so available and seasoned. The design came quite quickly but it took 3 times as long to build. Both cabs are dovetailed and finished in oil. Cello bodies have a great deep tone so the speaker back is closed with a port opposite the magnet, really helped the bottom end even with the power right down.

“This amp has a great sound for distorted guitar music from AC/DC Sabbath, Kinks, Who, Clapton, all those English rock blues bands, with this cabinet setup great depth. I also had fun with dark distortions like Santana’s Samba Pa Ti and fat blues. There is so much high end harmonics that my guitars tone controls had a huge sweep. Also playing one of my homemade electric guitars by rolling down the volume till the sound was pretty clean, then when distortion was wanted just turn up the guitar volume till we got the grit.”