Richard Cruddas’ unconventional speaker cabinet

He’s at it again! Richard made an SE-5a amp a couple of years ago, and created a ‘stop-gap’ speaker cabinet out of the shipping box. Seems it wasn’t a stop-gap after all – it’s now featuring in his WF-55 project.

“I’ve attached a pic in which you may recognise an ‘old friend’, sadly not covered in gaffa tape and stickers yet but still sounding good. It’s filled with the bubble wrap packing as damping.”

UPDATE: Richard has done the decent thing and put the WF-55 in a cab. “Cab is from Chris. Just fitted a Celestion G12 Century Vintage – replacing an Eminence Rajin Cajun. Even using the 10″ cut-out it sounds fabulous! So good in fact I doubt if I will bother making a new baffle. Sweet/clear/dynamic/ etc….. if you ever get the chance to try this set-up your in for a treat!! Can’t believe how good this sounds. Such a simple clean circuit; who needs anything else when it works like this?” :)

Richard has also added a switch on the front panel to lower the power output to approx 1/2W, and also added some extra capacitance in the power supply “to stiffen the power supply for more bass ‘slam’. 4W ain’t supposed to be this loud!!”