Ron’s N5X with plexi front panel

“I’m very pleased with the N5X kit, the online information and support is great. I like the ability to tweak and try different output valves, for now I’ve fitted a 6V6. I found it helpful to read all the documentation before starting.

“The case is 18mm thick 12 ply timber. During the design, I was mindful of leaving enough room for taller valves. The front is clear plastic sheet, the back is mesh. I also decided to build a separate speaker cabinet. I fitted a 10 inch Eminence Rajin Cajun speaker which complements the N5X sound very well. I covered the amp case with black leather effect material using spray glue, and finished the edges with plastic angle and corners, these cover the joins nicely. The speaker cabinet I sprayed with satin matt black paint. The inside is padded with 2 inch foam, it’s a sealed box, I used 2mm thick foam strip on the front and back edges to form the seal.

“It sounds so different to my transistor amp. It’s warmer, more harmonics a more natural sound all round. I like the three position boost switch which provides a good selection of sounds. This is a great amp, and by the way, 5 watts from a valve amp is quite loud enough for me.”