Simon’s ‘Green Goddess’ SE-5a

“I used the SE-5a standard for 8 years with Fat,Bright and EQ switches. The cab is one of Chris Uff’s. The front and rear panels are still the originals sprayed ivory white, letraset and sharpie, then as protection and an aged look a very thin spray of varnish. I nearly called her Green Breaker because with Pete Mitchell’s germanium treble booster (Dallas Rangemaster) it sounds like Eric or Peter Green.

“She now has a switchable pre-amp Marshall JTM or JMP with the bright toggle. Foot-switch operated optical Tremolo and pulsing green light. She has the VVR mod controlled with volts dial on rear panel. 8 green LED’s that glow through the top and rear grilles. Thanks to my brother Pete Mitchell for doing the lot and making those fantastic authentic stomp boxes, some of which you can see on top of amp.

“He also CNC-machined the badge like a Marshall. This year he put another pre-amp valve in and gain dial. The foot-switch for Tremolo was painted same as chassis. The Tremolo also has an LED in-between its dials that pulses. Pete is trying to sell pedals. The pretty one with no name is mine and is a germanium treble booster + 4-way filter and also has a germanium fuzz face with volts dial.”