Marshy’s VCB-ed WF-55

“Thanks for the parts that you sent. I read the comments regarding static damaging the MOSFET so I kept in it’s bag while I bent over the connection points with round nose pliers to make soldering easier, it was also kept in the bag while it was soldered to the amp connections and only completely removed from from it’s bag to bolt it to the chassis. With the amp volume on full and the VCB at 3-4 the amp is loud enough to use without any complaints from family or neighbours but you still get similar tone character to having no VCB with the amp on full.
“There is also a photograph of a housing that I am putting together for the amp to live in. It is made from a plank of iroko that I got cheap (not the preferred mahogany that I will get in the future). It has mitre joints that I have reinforced with mahogany dowels which have been dyed red, the same as the amp faceplate and it will have half round wooden feet together with Fender champ grill cloth on the front and back.”