Stevie’s blonde SE-5a head


“Just thought I’d send a few photos of my completed SE-5a. The actual build itself was a doddle, had it working in about a day, but I’ve been busy since then, so the enclosure has taken a good while to finish. Obviously, the exterior doesn’t really match the British character of the circuit, but I just couldn’t help myself – really loving the sound, by the way, lovely sweet tone, and very flexible.

“The front panel is a simple printout on glossy paper, with a thin sheet of clear plastic cut to size on top of it – its a nice finish but it’s very brittle so it’ll probably be replaced. The speakers are four 8-inch Rolands, very nice bright tone. The cabinet was made by my brother, a joiner based in County Wexford, he’s done a few similar builds for me and my mates before, apart from his trade, he’s a great guitarist, so he knows the brief well.”