What are the payment options?

For payment for your order, Amp Maker accepts the following:

  • online banking (using your bank’s app or Website)
  • PayPal (including debit and credit cards)
  • bank transfer (i.e. in person at your bank)


PayPal payment process

The PayPal process connects you directly to the PayPal website when you submit your order. You sign in with your usual PayPal ID and you will see an ‘Amp Maker’ logo at the top left, as shown in this screenshot:


Once you have made payment, PayPal confirms it, and shows that it has sent you an email confirming the payment. There’s a ‘Return to Merchant’ button; click that to get back to the Amp Maker site:

All payments must be in GB pounds (GBP). The #1 question I get from USA-based customers is about prices in US$. It’s not possible to display ‘live’ prices in US$; at the time of your payment, PayPal or your bank will do a dollar:pound exchange at the prevailing rate. At the time of writing this message, the rate is approximately £1 = $1.25. You can get an idea at the XE.com website

If you select the online/bank transfer option, remember to choose GBP as the currency for the transfer, and make sure that you choose the options necessary to transfer the full invoice amount in GBP. Ask your bank for advice.