Zdravko’s illuminated and upgraded SE-5a

“I used SE-5a kit and added VVR circuit for power control. To highlight the number 5 (and to play with Nixie tube) I inserted one IN-8 tube, wired to show only nr. 5. When the voltage is turned down with VVR circuit to reduce the power, the Nixie also turns down indicating that we are not at power max.

“I also added a reverb circuit inside, and to have more fun, I use a relay operated by switch on front panel or with foot switch to turn the reverb on, or to bypass it and at the same time to change the internal illumination (LED strips) from Green for clean to Blue for reverb.

“The box construction also required quite some efforts. Wooden box is covered with white tolex, and the front mask is of clear plastic. With metal grid behind there is no heating problems at all.”Read more here: http://www.gilic.com/guitars/guitars/Welcome.html