Halvor’s repurposed coffee table

“I bought this kit from you in May 2018 or so, thought I’d send you some photos to show you how it turned out. The cabinet is from a disused old coffee table (Teak? Walnut? Cherry?) and the speaker came out of an old Tandberg Sølvsuper 4. The speaker grille appears to be made out of zinc or something similar, I gave it a lick of “gold” paint to glam it up. I intended to make a baffle and cover the speaker with some kind of cloth, but thought better(?) of it once I had the speaker out and saw that grille.

“I had great fun building the amp – no previous experience with electronics, but with the guidance of a mate who used to repair TVs and radios for a living it was a breeze. I normally keep the volume around 3 with a TC electronic reverb in front for lovely clean Fender tones from my Strat. Must admit that I have not cranked it up for long enough to say how it actually sounds on full blast.”