Soren’s slightly injured Double Six

“The (Watts) switch broke when I put the amp in a combo cabinet (from a Peavey Valveking) and placed it front down which put pressure on the knob so it split open at the back. It was quite a complicated construction with springs and small balls so I opted to scrap it for now. I can always put in a new switch in the future if I feel like doing it but for now I’m happy with it as it is. It’s a great amp! I put an old coin where the hole for the switch was. By the way, I put a Jensen neo 10” speaker in it that sounds awesome with this amp and with 100 db sensitivity it will be heard.
“The guitar is a Vintage (the Wilkinson brand) copy of Clapton’s ”the fool” SG of which they hand painted a limited series. It’s a great copy actually, The pickups are the rather weird Seymour Duncan P-rails that combine a P90 with a strat type rail and I have them wired so that I can choose to individually play them as a rail/strat, a P90 or as a parallel humbucker. The series humbucker mode gets way to hot for my liking, in parallel it sounds a lot like a vintage PAF. The P90 is one of the best I’ve ever played, and incredibly enough, when I play the rail in the neck it’s very close to my strats!”