Jean-Luc’s P1800

“As I promised to you, here is a link with my “P1800 story” and a little sample (not so good) with a Gibson Les Paul. There is also a French forum where some people talk about your excellent job :”   French guitarists forum

Hackney Slim’s 18Wer

  “I built your PP-18 about 18 months back, as you might recall from the thread below, and I am very impressed and happy with the results. Here’s a tune I did using it – great lead sound, even DI’d, even with my playing.”

Andy’s SE-5a clip

  “The amp’s not in a cab yet (I’ve got it in a temp one I knocked together to protect it as I’m currently fashioning one out of an old ammo crate from the second world war), but I made a quick recording of it to show the sound.”

Jan’s SE-5a amp clip

  “I attached a one minute sample to this mail. No effects. Speaker is a Jensen Blackbird (alnico… sweet…). I called the amp “Tight Pony”. It sounds really tight; hence. Fascinating, though, how I always end up playing something funky when testing an amp or guitar. And I don’t even like ‘white’ funk! Except the …

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Sebastien’s N5X clips

  “I built your 5watts amp 2 years ago for a friend and he send me for revisions (change a tube) so I play a little now with! I did some recording live with my band and it’s what you hear! I use the gain of the amp and a booster, Gibson Smartwood with rautia …

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Brian’s Mesa-N5X comparison

Clip order: Mesa lead – N5X lead – Mesa chords – N5X chords   “To illustrate my previous email, here is a quick rough and ready Mesa/N5X/Mesa/N5X sound file. Funnily enough I really like the chord sounds from the N5X, actually prefer that to my Mesa, but the solo sound of the N5X actually makes …

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Luk’s WF-55 with stop-motion build video

  “Here’s a timelapse video of me building the WF-55 guitar amp with my own modifications: tone control, gain control, bass control, bass boost, treble boost, negative feedback switch, impedance switch. “The background track is me playing the amp through a 2×12-inch alnico gold cab. I’m playing Fender Select SSS Strat.”

Rob Williams’ SL-18 head

    Rob’s SL-18 started off as standard, but has been through a few revisions now, including a 2W/9W/18W switch and PPIMV conversion. Rob’s also made a great slideshow/video at YouTube, with soundtrack provided by his build (above).

George Beavis’ SL-18 head

George very kindly uploaded a great video clip of his SL-18 build to YouTube. It’s especially useful as I haven’t had a chance to record any SL-18 clips myself yet! πŸ™‚ Update: “My band, Los Reyez, were recently asked to do a track for the record company Time to be Proud’s annual Cramps tribute CD. …

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Stevie’s blonde SE-5a head

  “Just thought I’d send a few photos of my completed SE-5a. The actual build itself was a doddle, had it working in about a day, but I’ve been busy since then, so the enclosure has taken a good while to finish. Obviously, the exterior doesn’t really match the British character of the circuit, but …

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Steve’s hard-working SE-5a

  It was a delight to receive a CD through the post, and find that it’s ex-Dr Feelgood guitarist, Steve Walwyn’s latest solo album. Even more of a delight to read that the SE-5a features throughout the recordings. “I’ve built two of your amps now, an SE-5a and a PP-36 as well as restoring a …

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Jonathan Waite’s long-term SE-5a build

    “It must be 2 years since I bought the kit. Always trying to find the time… Eventually I made a start, at last some progress. (The cabinet’s) not finished yet, but not far now!! I canΒ’t believe how such a simple thing can sound so ******* good!!”

David’s PP-18

  “Really happy with the the tone overall versatility of the amp. Recorded a couple of song ideas with it if you’re interested in hearing. All of the guitar is just straight into the amp, didn’t use any effects apart from the reverb on one of the soloy guitars in one of the songs. Playing …

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Chris’ P1800 head cabinet

“All has gone really well with the amp build as you will see from the attached pictures. Thank you it is obvious that you have put a lot ofthought and energy in to producing a fine kit. “Studio session on Saturday went really well with the amp. Only problem I had was the studio engineer/producer, …

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Dave’s wooden wonder

  I can’t do woodwork for toffee, and I’m always jealous of those who can turn beautiful wood into great amp cabinets. This is a fine example, where the wood speaks for itself. Gorgeous! πŸ™‚