Andy Gray’s FireFly amp

The FireFly project was a very popular build at (which became some years ago). Andy used the Amp Maker 190-0-190V power transformer for his build, and kindly sent photos in to show the true point-to-point layout he came up with. Note that it has a switch for using 12AU7 for around 1W or …

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Mike Parker’s reverb unit

The Fender 6G15 reverb unit is – in many ways – a full-blown amp which just happens to drive a reverb tank instead of a speaker. It uses two preamp valves, a power valve and a mains and output transformer, and Mike built just such a reverb unit using Amp Maker parts. “Finished the build …

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Paul’s multi-channel amp

This flexible amp is made with Amp Maker parts and has no fewer than four preamp circuits driving a pair of power valves – a 6V6 and EL84 in parallel. Paul’s 4VA amplifier takes circuit ideas from Tweed Fenders, JTM and JCM Marshall amps, and uses front panel switches to take them in and out …

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