John’s miniature hybrid

“I thought you might be interested in this. I used the transformers I recently purchased from you for this build. It is a Fender Princeton/Deluxe Reverb hybrid, no tremolo, built using 4 sub miniature dual triodes valves in the preamp with 2 x 6AQ5 miniature output valves cathode biased which should put out about 10 …

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Andrew’s SE-20 amp

“The amp was in no way noisy. I used it for a lot of recording for this reason and never had to notch-filter it. After upgrading to higher power it was slightly, but no more so than typical new guitar amps. It was looked at by a guy who works a lot with valve hifi …

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Jim’s Trainwreck project

“It’s a Trainwreck Express circuit adapted for Russian 6N2P preamp valves and 6P1P, known as the Thrifty Wreck, found the schematic and build info over at Sounds great incidentally, monster amount of gain on tap. Problem is now I’ve built this I have to build a full size Express.”

Matt’s AC4 project

“I found time this week to finish the amp and all is well. Since it’s mainly built with Amp maker parts (with the obvious exception of the chassis), I thought you might like to see the finished product: my ‘Oscillator to AC4’ project. The tremolo circuit was a bit of an afterthought, hence it’s unwieldy …

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Jase’s phono preamp

“Hi Barry, just finished my phono preamp project thought you might like to see it as most of the parts came from you. I had one of your transformers from a previous project and ordered the other parts last week. I chose to house the transformer and a few other parts separate from the preamp …

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Edmunds Heritage tribute

“It’s a variant of an Ampeg Heritage B15 with 6SL7 preamp tubes and a 6L6GC output pair. I built it P2P from the schematic, with lots of parts from you. I’m very happy with it, I put some extra filtering in the DC heater line and the LED changes colour when you switch between fixed …

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Richard’s stereo amp

“Some pictures of the completed amp. Worked first time so I am pleased with that, still a slight mains hum going on, not sure if it’s the heater supply or I might try the PSU caps, maybe they’re a bit small (33uF each). I’m using the 190v tap instead of the 275 and it works …

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Eddie’s hybrid Champ

“Thought I’d just let you know I’ve finished my first project with the bits you recently sold me, and have attached a few pics. It’s based on the WF-55 amp, with a Brownface tone stack that can be bypassed to return back to Tweed Champ mode (with a bypass capacitor on the first gain stage). …

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Alexis’ Two Stroke build

“I don’t know if you remember but some time ago I said I’d send you some photos of your amps I’ve made and that I was putting a web site together. Finally the web site is published – “The Meteor is based on the 2 stroke amp as described in Dave Hunter’s Guitar Amp …

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Stuart’s stomper

Nice to hear about other sorts of projects, too. Here, Stuart has used the vintage-style tagboard cut down to make a classic fuzz pedal. “I’ve not noticed any difference between resistor (composition). Certainly not in this circuit. Choice of transistor makes a huge difference though. “Both the power inverter and the switch board came from …

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David’s hi-fi amp

“Here is a pic of my little PC amp. My normal thing is my valve radio collection… 30 or more!”

Jon’s V-front amplifier builds

“I’’ve been collecting images and descriptions for your gallery. Only Donna-Lee (#0003) has really benefited from parts, but boy, has she benefited. Those Neutrik jacks and Sprague caps have made her just splendid. I went a bit overkill on the orange at first, but have reduced it to just on the signal path. “I’’ll probably …

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Rob’s JTM clone

“The January build was a JTM45, it contains quite a few Amp Maker parts especially the board. I used Danbury transformers. Cab was the biggest job, finger joints cut by hand.”

Bob’s Vox transplant

“I have now completed my project which was the conversion of a Vox Pathfinder 15 watt solid state amplifier having tremelo and spring reverb, to a wholly valve amplifier with approximately the same output power and with tremelo and spring reverb. “The valve complement is 2 x EL84, 3 x ECC83, and 1 X ECC81. …

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