Jean-Luc’s P1800

“As I promised to you, here is a link with my “P1800 story” and a little sample (not so good) with a Gibson Les Paul. There is also a French forum where some people talk about your excellent job :”   French guitarists forum

Hackney Slim’s 18Wer

  “I built your PP-18 about 18 months back, as you might recall from the thread below, and I am very impressed and happy with the results. Here’s a tune I did using it – great lead sound, even DI’d, even with my playing.”

Mike’s flaming P1800

  “Since you liked the Double Six cab, I thought I’d send the pics of the 18 watter as well.”

Robert’s P1800 amp head

“I bought a P1800 kit from you a while back and finally completed it. The amp sounds great. I made the cabinet myself and it sits on a Hiwatt 412 speaker cab circa 1974. That has seen better days but still sounds great.”

Ted’s angled P1800 combo

“I hope you’re well and business is going OK, amazingly it’s been over a year now since I built my P1800 and it’s still going strong. Even now I’m still finding new ways of getting different tones out of it. The cabinet design is pretty simple, almost entirely in birch plywood, mostly using 1″ but …

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Lars’ all-blue stack

“Hey! I just wanted to send you this picture of my finished amp. I didn’t have a good multimeter to use when testing the amp, but the grounds were all good and the readings I got were slightly below the typical  voltages, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt the amp if I plugged it in. …

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Paul’s plexi stack

“Wonderful amp, great success. I’m very happy, a truly wonderful project, great design. The only problem is some of the red sharpy pen I used to draw out the inside of the tolex is leaching through to the top vent, and the hole I cut in the front of the cabinet is slightly too big …

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Mike’s mahogany and bubinga combo

“I have attached some photos of the 18W which I built a while ago now. The cabinet is Mahogany and Bubinga stained cherry red I have put a lot of Sozo capacitors into it and every body who plays it wants one well done you for the kit.”

Rickard’s mojo stack

“Cabinet and tubes from MOJOTONE/TAD. Perfect fit, just put the chassis inside and measured to edge, flipped upside-down and drilled holes for the chassis. 🙂 It sounds great thank you!!”

David’s matching amps

“I just completed the cabinet for the N5X yesterday morning and thought I would send you a picture of it next to its brother – one of your P1800s. I bought the P1800 secondhand off eBay but didn’t like the cabinet so I had Chris Uff make one to my preference. I have made guitars …

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Michael Brooks’ low-rise combo

To make his PP-18 combo as low as possible, Michael made it considerably deeper than the typical 9″/230mm of most typical Marshall-style combos. This allows the valves and transformers to clear the back of the speaker. Michael also added two small circular vents to allow air to circulate around the valves. Very kindly, Michael has …

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