Andrea’s high-rise WF-55 combo

Here’s a very unusual take on a small combo. Andrea has kept the narrow dimensions of a typical Champ-style amp, but built it taller to make the controls easier to get at.

Mark’s retro combo

“I purchased a WF-55 kit from you a few weeks ago which I have recently finished. It was a bit like playing Tetris to get everything to fit in the small cab that I had (had to rotate the power transformer 90 degrees and mount the input socket and pilot on the front of the …

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David’s blonde combo

“I’ve completed the amp and cab and have had great feedback from my fellow musos. Decided to base the cab on the Champ but did not stick to the finer details. I was so pleased with the woodwork I wanted to show it off. “Found things fitted better with the amp in the base and …

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Tim Robertson’s Tweedy amp

Tim opted to house his WF-55 in a conventional tweed-covered combo cabinet. “I was crazy busy at work and ended up taking the lazy-man route – Barry from Torres Amplifiers made me a tweed cabinet. I sent him the amp and he returned me the finished product. Despite my guilty feeling of being lazy I …

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Mike & Andy’s WF-55 joint effort

Andy Mazur built this WF-55 amp, added a couple of his own tweaks and then Mike Wiltshire built the gorgeous plain-wood cabinet. “Still have to find a handle strong enough to carry the weight, and swap the back panel screws for bolts; otherwise all done. Speaker is a Weber 12inch Alnico Signature 12S.”

Peter’s tweedy WF-55

For his WF-55, Peter slightly repositioned some of the components to make it easier to fit into his tweed finished combo. With the chassis suspended on the back panel, the original position of the power switch was inaccessible, so it was moved to the top and carefully mounted to avoid fouling the power transformer. “It …

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Mick’s WF-55 blueser

“This cabinet is either retro or ‘barking’, depending on one’s views. I’ve found that performances go better if you can make them worry a bit.” Mick chose Ford Bermuda Blue for his superb and seamless MDF-built cabinet. It looks perfect with Mick’s custom-colour Strat (perhaps it’s no coincidence that Fender’s vintage colours were also based …

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Sami Marttila’s all-wood amp

The WF-55 Time save kit ships with a mahogany front panel, and Sami has followed the theme with an all-wood finish for his tiny cabinet. The tiny text label and markings around the knob are burned in (presumably with a soldering iron?). Looks cool, especially cool out in the Finnish snow! You can also hear …

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