Tibo generates a new amp

“Just a few photos of my final build with the WF-55 kit. I used an old generator and built a custom oak cabinet with a 8″ Weber. I’m really happy sound wise (power selector at the back, tone and switch for neg FB in front) and the look is kind of unique. Thanks again for …

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Lukasz’ pine-table Champ

“It took me a while to build the amp. Especially the woodwork, I was only able to do it on Fridays when I’m off work, and in the garden, so I was dependent also on weather. I have made the cabinet out of an old pine table I had, finished it with some shellac. For …

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Ivan’s documented build

“I’ve finished the WF-55 combo today. It sound great. It has a bit more noise than my PP-18 but I think it is normal with this tweed type amp. Maybe the placement of the output transformer is not optimal but it works fine. I used a bit bigger chassis than the usual so the wire …

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Frazer’s breadbox WF-55

“Here’s a few shots of my little 55. I used an old bread box, modified it a bit size-wise etc, and I’m using a 1×12 cab with a HiWatt speaker. I use a little distortion/overdrive Boss pedal too. This was my first venture into anything like it, so the ease of build holds up. I’m absolutely …

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Chris’ mod Champ combo

“Attached are a couple of photos of my WF-55. The cabinet is approximately a 3/4 scale version of a classic Marshall 1974X, but a bit deeper to accommodate the speaker and completed chassis. I’ve covered it in OLEV drab vinyl and applied gunstock oil to the control panel. Grille cloth is unbleached linen, the roundel …

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Tom’s little red amp

“Hi. I finished the amp, it worked first time, the directions were easy to follow and it sounds good. I have sent you some photos. The cabinet was made from 18mm ply and 12mm ply, joined by pocket screws and glue. The driver is a Vox AC 10 driver and the speaker cloth is a …

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Colin’s Tweed Princeton combo

“Just completed the build on my Tweed amp, all bar a few odds and ends. I have taken some pics during the build, if you want to use them by all means. Great little project and so very pleased with the end result.”

Rob’s flip-top radio build

“I have now added a tone circuit to the amp, a switchable R3 resistor which gives a little more brightness and compression, and a negative feedback switch that goes from stock 22k to 100k. It’s looking and sounding great. I do wonder if a lower negative feedback amount say 56k might sound subjectively ‘better’ than …

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Kevin’s top-drawer idea

“The amp was quick to build. The cab took me ages. It’s constructed from 18mm teak salvaged from the bottom drawer from a lab where I used to work 25 years ago. I left the guts visible so I can show them off while saving wood which was limited. Just need a handle. Thanks for …

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Alan’s in-radio build

“Finished my build, but have one problem. When the amp is cranked to maximum (last mm of travel on pot) it buzzes loudly. I’ve changed the pot but still doing the same thing. Any ideas, please… (later) Thanks for the advice. I rewired all the input side with shielded cable and it’s all working fine …

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Derek’s modded Champ

“I made the cabinet from Paulonia but that’s only my mock-up before I make a mahogany one. Fender V1030 10” speaker and fender ox blood grill cloth. I swear, this amp is making me play better (and also revealing my mistakes more!!) Thanks for the product and your help and advice.”

Marshy’s VCB-ed WF-55

“Thanks for the parts that you sent. I read the comments regarding static damaging the MOSFET so I kept in it’s bag while I bent over the connection points with round nose pliers to make soldering easier, it was also kept in the bag while it was soldered to the amp connections and only completely …

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Al’s amazing Champ stack

“I finished my WF-55 kit and plugged it in for the first time a couple of months ago. I’ve since upgraded it with your VCB kit and a Warehouse Guitar Speakers 20W 10” Veteran speaker. The head and speaker box ideas are obviously plagiarized from ARK amps. My amp boxes are made from macrocarpa (a …

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James old-school WF-55

“Hoping that this finds you well and that you’re having a constructive sabbatical. Enclosed a couple of pics of my WF-55 in its cabinet. My daughter and I made this while she was being home schooled a couple of years ago and this is our main practice amp at home- we absolutely love it. I …

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David’s open-frame WF-55

“Here’s a pic of my amp that I completed a few years ago. It’s a lovely little amp. I should add that the amp is completely standard except for the addition of a “watts” switch (chicken head knob in pic) as used in your Double Six, switching the amp between 0.4, 2 and 4 watts.”