Graham’s Tweed pairing

“Hi Barry. Hope all is good with you in these strange times. Ages ago I sent you a photo of my WF-55 amp. I then made a speaker cab covered in a matching tweed material. To finish the job I have now made a ‘Tweedocaster’.

Mike’s Park/WF-55 combo

“Here is a picture of the finished WF-55 housed in a recycled Park practice amp box and using the Park/Marshal speaker. I might tidy the front end up later with a new front panel.”

Alvaro’s WF-55

“I built a WF-55 kit some years ago. Finally it’s completely finished, in a combo which I built with a friend of mine. The speaker is a 10″ Jensen Ceramic C10Q, and the amp has some mods like fat switch, VVR, impedance selector.”

Justin’s WF with KT66

“Kit arrived yesterday, everything is perfect and I’ve managed to get all the hardware mounted into the donor chassis. Because of the way I had to fit everything in, the input jack is quite far away from V1, so I had to add a wire running from the socket to the valve as well as …

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Greg’s WF with valve test clips

“Just finished the 4watt tweed sounds great. I like the Tung-Sol 6v6 but they all sound good; just think the Tung-Sol has a creamy blues sound and using a 8in WGS ceramic speaker helps.”

James’ rich brown combo

“Thought you might like to see a couple of pics of my finished WF-55. What an amazing sounding amp and so easy to build with your instructions! I’ve built mine as a combo with a 10in Celestion Greenback inside. The combo is the bare minimum width to fit the chassis, held in place with Allen …

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Derek’s tall WF-55 combo

“All finished now and testing today. Sounds really good and warm even without the Celestion Gold 10 having worn in yet. Tried a number of guitars through it and all sound good with nice tonal variations. Attaching some pics of the combo in build.”

Toby’s WF-55 where tweed meet carbon fibre

“Finished at last, hope you like the pics. Got to have a bit of carbon!! A 2.8mm carbide drill bit and a belt sander is the trick with the board, its similar to working with carbon in that it just blunts normal drills and blades quickly.”

John’s WF-55 combo

“Here are some photos of my WF-55, now that I’ve finished the cabinet, and tweaked the amp a little. The cabinet matches my boutique 18-watt amp, so I also have a 1×12 speaker cab that will match the WF-55 if I want a fuller sound than the 10-inch Jensen I’ve paired with the new amp. …

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Mark’s WF-55 stack

“The WF-55 I made this year is performing brilliantly and has been completely problem free. Here it is in the head I made for it. The cab has a 12-inch Celestion blue. All made from old pine shelving, cheap sofa cover leatherette and a chrome tile edging strip for trim. “The Celestion blue is really …

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Ian’s blonde combo

“I completed my WF-55 amplifier and it sounds great. It’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. Thank you. I’ve attached a few photos as I thought you might be interested. “Mods from the standard were to move the power switch to the front for access, adding a Fender-style jewel light, adding an …

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Alexander’s WF-55 combo

“My completed amplifier is now, and has been up and running for some time: the sound is great through a Celestion 8-inch speaker (nice and tight for the volumes I use it at). “The amplifier is enclosed in the custom cabinet from Chris: I opted for the additional ventilation grill fitted for an additional £10. …

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Gerry’s oak mini-stack

“I have just completed the WF-55 kit. This was my first go at assembling a valve amp and a few awkward moments aside it was great fun. To my great surprise the assembled amp powered up and worked like a dream first time. I had the fire extinguisher standing by just incase! I’’m no expert …

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Andy’s tweaked WF-55

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help during the build and tweaking stage of the WF-55; the build guide was incredibly easy to follow! Modifications I made were to add a Fender bright switch, an all-boost switch and a rotary switch for speaker impedance. I also changed the circuit …

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Graham’s WF-55 with Tone and VVR

“I thought you would be interested in this post on the BYOC forum about my WF-55 build: (link gone!) “I’m sure I will build another amp. Thanks for producing such a great product and for all of your support.”