Andy’s SE-5a clip

  “The amp’s not in a cab yet (I’ve got it in a temp one I knocked together to protect it as I’m currently fashioning one out of an old ammo crate from the second world war), but I made a quick recording of it to show the sound.”

Jan’s SE-5a amp clip

  “I attached a one minute sample to this mail. No effects. Speaker is a Jensen Blackbird (alnico… sweet…). I called the amp “Tight Pony”. It sounds really tight; hence. Fascinating, though, how I always end up playing something funky when testing an amp or guitar. And I don’t even like ‘white’ funk! Except the …

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Sebastien’s N5X clips

  “I built your 5watts amp 2 years ago for a friend and he send me for revisions (change a tube) so I play a little now with! I did some recording live with my band and it’s what you hear! I use the gain of the amp and a booster, Gibson Smartwood with rautia …

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Brian’s Mesa-N5X comparison

Clip order: Mesa lead – N5X lead – Mesa chords – N5X chords   “To illustrate my previous email, here is a quick rough and ready Mesa/N5X/Mesa/N5X sound file. Funnily enough I really like the chord sounds from the N5X, actually prefer that to my Mesa, but the solo sound of the N5X actually makes …

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Lukasz’ pine-table Champ

“It took me a while to build the amp. Especially the woodwork, I was only able to do it on Fridays when I’m off work, and in the garden, so I was dependent also on weather. I have made the cabinet out of an old pine table I had, finished it with some shellac. For …

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Mike’s flaming P1800

  “Since you liked the Double Six cab, I thought I’d send the pics of the 18 watter as well.”

John’s miniature hybrid

“I thought you might be interested in this. I used the transformers I recently purchased from you for this build. It is a Fender Princeton/Deluxe Reverb hybrid, no tremolo, built using 4 sub miniature dual triodes valves in the preamp with 2 x 6AQ5 miniature output valves cathode biased which should put out about 10 …

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Pete’s string-box thing!

The NoSo amp fits into more or less anything. “Every thing mounted on the front for easy access. Just needed to add a battery holder.”

Ivan’s documented build

“I’ve finished the WF-55 combo today. It sound great. It has a bit more noise than my PP-18 but I think it is normal with this tweed type amp. Maybe the placement of the output transformer is not optimal but it works fine. I used a bit bigger chassis than the usual so the wire …

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Terry’s angled N5X combo

“Well I finally finished the N5X amp I bought off you a year ago. It foundered unfinished for a good while ’til I finally got down to it at Christmas. After a thorough checkover in line with your instructions and actually of all the connections from components to the boards, which revealed 3 dry joints, …

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Luis pine and Thiele stack

“Just to show you my finished set up. The speaker cabinet is a front ported, closed back (a sort of copy/clone/replica of the 1×12’’ Mesa Boogie Thiele) that I made about a year ago, and used an Eminence wizard speaker (16 ohm, 75W) that I got from a colleague of mine. I was then looking …

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Frazer’s breadbox WF-55

“Here’s a few shots of my little 55. I used an old bread box, modified it a bit size-wise etc, and I’m using a 1×12 cab with a HiWatt speaker. I use a little distortion/overdrive Boss pedal too. This was my first venture into anything like it, so the ease of build holds up. I’m absolutely …

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Michael’s mahogany D6

“Amp is great. I finished building a Head shell for it, finger jointed pine with figured mahogany panels front and back.”