Tibo’s retro-woody N5X stack

“I shared with you some pictures of the WF-55 I built last year. Great amp! I then built a N5X, made a custom head and a 2×10 cabinet. Good fun! Anyway, building these kits was a good fun for me thanks to your great explanations!”

Terry’s angled N5X combo

“Well I finally finished the N5X amp I bought off you a year ago. It foundered unfinished for a good while ’til I finally got down to it at Christmas. After a thorough checkover in line with your instructions and actually of all the connections from components to the boards, which revealed 3 dry joints, …

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Luis pine and Thiele stack

“Just to show you my finished set up. The speaker cabinet is a front ported, closed back (a sort of copy/clone/replica of the 1×12’’ Mesa Boogie Thiele) that I made about a year ago, and used an Eminence wizard speaker (16 ohm, 75W) that I got from a colleague of mine. I was then looking …

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Giorgio’s classic combo

“I forgot to send you the photos of the N5X complete, see attached file. By the way nice cabinets from Chris!”

Colin’s N5X head

“Here’s the N5X – Buzz is almost undetectable at full VCB, full gain and full volume with the bypass switch open, and it sounds fantastic. Problem now is that I am not sure if I prefer the SE5, N5X or Double Six.”

Raymond’s modded N5X

“I recently the N5X kit from you and spent a couple of enjoyable days building it, my first real amplifier. I have since modified it by adding a second octal base and an EL34, a 3 position wafer switch where the indicator lamp was and drilled a new hole for the lamp. I built the …

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Frank’s FBI combo

“Hi Barry. Project finished. Main timber is recycled architrave over 100 years old, the timber is Australian Red Cedar (Toona). This timber is not commercially available. The architrave is machined down so that I have planks 20 mm by 140 mm. To get the width of the panels I had to join the red cedar, …

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Derek’s BRG-covered combo

“All finished today.  The amp combo performs beautifully and joins the WF-55 combo I built last year.   They are very complimentary.  Thanks for making such great kits.  Very enjoyable to build. “It took quite a while of considering different ideas before I went for an unusual configuration as I wanted to have easy access …

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Luke’s pine-n-mesh N5X

“Hi Barry. Finished the NX5 build and it works great, I’m impressed with the quality and value of the kit! The cabinet is pine stained with antique colour then varnished, and the grille is mild steel expanded mesh sanded and clear coated with car spray lacquer. Luckily we had a spare offcut of the mesh …

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Benjamin’s classic 2×10

“I recently built an N5X kit with a combo cabinet from Chris Uff, and I’m enjoying the new amp immensely. It is not only my first build, it’s my first-ever electronic project. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, just a classic combo in white tolex with black piping. I opted for a 2×10 configuration with …

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Anton’s pine-housed N5X

“I hope all is well. Just thought I’d share a couple of pics of my amp build. It’s pine furniture board from Wickes. I’ll never be a cabinet maker but I’m pretty happy with it and more than happy with the sound, lovely in clean and a savage gain! It’s been a really good experience …

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“I have now finished my N5X, it was great fun. And I just want to thank you, for a great amp kit, with a super build guide and for a friendly price.”

David’s matching amps

“I just completed the cabinet for the N5X yesterday morning and thought I would send you a picture of it next to its brother – one of your P1800s. I bought the P1800 secondhand off eBay but didn’t like the cabinet so I had Chris Uff make one to my preference. I have made guitars …

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David’s white N5X head

“Just to show you the finished N5X. I am very pleased with it, I will try the other valves at some stage when I finish making a speaker cabinet.”

Vincent’s N5X in cherry

“My father in law is a master carpenter, so I have access to tons of wood and tools if I wish. However, for this cabinet, I used only off-cuts of cherry wood. I also used two layers of mahogany colour, since the off-cuts’ colouring were not all uniform. After that, three layers of transparent coatings. …

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Dean’s revamped stack

“I am attaching a picture of the mostly finished cabinet build (still waiting on a jack plate for the speaker cabinet back). Originally I built a head cabinet out of some maple and walnut I had in the garage and put a temporary speaker in a 5E3 cabinet prototype from my first build so I …

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