Double Six

Michael’s mahogany D6

“Amp is great. I finished building a Head shell for it, finger jointed pine with figured mahogany panels front and back.”

Steve’s blackface-modded D6

  “With two 6L6s, it has an amazing breakup on full power over half volume and with the Les Paul sounds fantastic !! It takes all of my homemade pedals with ease and sounds like a screaming Marshall stack with the Wampler Tripple Wreck clone that I built recently, simply stunning !! It’s THE most …

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Steve’s ex-Laney combo

“I have completed the build of the Double Six, only took a day for the amp and another for the cab, sounds sweet and extremely hum free. I will take it into the studio over next couple of weeks and do some sound files for you. “The cab was originally a very tatty Laney B50 …

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Sam’s Double Six in a Peavey cabinet

“The box is a Peavey Studio Pro 1×12 cabinet. It covered up part of your logo so I covered all the way and attached something suitable. Deep thanks. It was fun!”

George’s mini-stack

“Perhaps you’ll remember, a few years back I bought two SE-5a’s, a Double Six and a PP-36 from you. The SE-5a’s and the Double Six are built and working wonderfully, while the PP-36 is still in its box. Attached, please find a picture of the Double Six in our new home.”

Karsten’s Double Six combo

“Last weekend I installed and soldered everything. Your step-by-step instructions were very helpful. The final test were perfect and the amp sounds great without any hum.”Great amp, I love to play it! First I had the Fender-style knobs on, but then decided to put some Marshall-style knobs on. I think this looks better.”