Double Six

Wim Mientjes Double Six head

Wim was the first customer to build the Double Six. “I’ve just finished the amp. Took me a while, waiting for the tolex to arrive. You are right with the boost, goes a lot louder! Now I’m just enjoying the amp. It goes from Fender clean to a really muffled (in a good way, I …

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Chris Reynolds’ mini-Twin

“Just finished the amp kit build, it is truly a thing of beauty. Just got a cab to build now! It’s a 2×8 combo in the style of a Fender Twin.”  

Ben’s Double Six stack

Ben sent this cool and moody B+W shot of his Double Six amp with semi-acoustic and Big Muff. The amp and speaker cabinet are covered in a red (courtesy of Ben’s mum -“without whom I would have never got the vinyl right”).

Andy Mazur’s Double Six

Andy has built several Amp Maker kits and he was the beta tester for the Double Six. So his amp was the first Double Six born. Classic looks and nicely set off with Andy’s Maztone logo.

Paul Rees’ Double Six combo

Paul’s amp looks absolutely fantastic. Look closely and you can see the amount of work that’s gone into the details. What I’m especially impressed with is the fit of the control cut-out around the white border of the Double Six’s control panel. “The cabinet is currently a 1×12. It currently has an Eminence Swamp Thang. …

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Graham’s green combo

“Here’s a couple of pix of the amp in it’s case. I would like to put the logo to the left of the panel when we get round to making it. Probably acrylic sprayed resin out of a CNC-cut mould. “The covering is green tolex as opposed to the faux leather that was previously on …

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Kevin’s snakeskin Double Six head

“Here are a couple of images attached of the finished amp. Had a great time building the amp and have enjoyed playing it. Will keep an eye out for your mods as they come out.” Kevin has also uploaded some Double Six clips:

Rod Campbell’s Double Six combo

A combination of classic Fender finishing ideas here: Rod’s Double Six combo uses blonde tolex, silver and blue grille cloth and a leather handle. He’s also used the same type of cream knobs you see on some early ’60s Fender amps. Looks stunning and it’s designed to make a two-amp switchable stack with an SE-5a …

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Simon’s 2×10 Double Six

“Finally got my tweed cabinet for my Double Six from the USA. Connected through 10 inch ceramic and 10 inch Alnico gold. Sublime. Oh and the name badge – remember the Daimler ‘Double-Six’? “Thanks once again for such a rewarding and high quality product, as a result of these (and ongoing PP-18) I sold all …

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Gary’s Double Six

“I’ve lived with it for a couple of months now and overall I love it. It got its first gig last night – if you see the picture attached you’ll see my little setup. Remember I said I play in an 8 piece? Well, this was my bit of the ‘stage’. Huuuuge room, around 300 …

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Rob’s Double Six combo

“The chassis is now installed in the new cabinet and paired with a 12-inch Greenback. I’’ll post some pictures of the completed combo soon and some sound clips.”

Peter’s flat-front combo

“Just thought I’d send over a picture of the finished Double Six I got off you a few months back. I really like this amp. It’s so dynamic and the tone quality is outstanding! “I will definitely be getting another when the revised kit is available. This one is not for me.” :(