Jon’s V-front amplifier builds

“I’’ve been collecting images and descriptions for your gallery. Only Donna-Lee (#0003) has really benefited from parts, but boy, has she benefited. Those Neutrik jacks and Sprague caps have made her just splendid. I went a bit overkill on the orange at first, but have reduced it to just on the signal path. “I’’ll probably …

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Rob’s JTM clone

“The January build was a JTM45, it contains quite a few Amp Maker parts especially the board. I used Danbury transformers. Cab was the biggest job, finger joints cut by hand.”

Bob’s Vox transplant

“I have now completed my project which was the conversion of a Vox Pathfinder 15 watt solid state amplifier having tremelo and spring reverb, to a wholly valve amplifier with approximately the same output power and with tremelo and spring reverb. “The valve complement is 2 x EL84, 3 x ECC83, and 1 X ECC81. …

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Paul’s 100W Legacy clone

“It is a tight fit. It’s a two channel, 100W 4xEL34 head; a Carvin Legacy 1 (Steve Vai signature amp) copy with a few subtle alterations. TAD power transformer, Mercury Magnetics output transformer, Mojotone PCB switcher kit and an FX loop. “I built the amp from a schematic so had no idea whether it would …

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Jim’s scratch-built 18Wer

“Just for interest attached is my latest build using your parts – tag board, transformers and various other parts. It’s a scratch build that I was recommended to try called a Phat Ass 16 Or 26 dependent on the exact configuration. Using two EEC83 and a pair of EL84s. “Pre-amp runs both sides of V1 …

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Jean-Loup’s old radio revamp

“I have made a hybrid amp between PP-18 and P1800 into a very small old Dehay radio. Preamp section is PP18 and the power amp section is the P1800 with the four modes and VVR. “The turret board has turrets and components on both top and bottom – mandatory to fit into this small enclosure. …

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Johnny’s tweaked Champ build

“I just thought I’d let you know I recently finished an amp based on the tweed Fender Champ (specifically the 5e1 and 5f1 schematics). Without your build documents for your WF-55 I wouldn’t have been able to get this amp built. That was my starting point, but I ended up developing from there slightly. “The …

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David’s version of the WF-55

David from Brazil scratchbuilt a Champ using the WF-55 manual as his build guide. “Hi Barry. This is the guy from Brasil. My WF is ready, finally. The cab was made by Family Jorge Luthier, they are very well known here in Brazil; they also made the chassis. They are two sisters one is Veronita …

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Jake’s hi-fi amp

“I ordered a few transformers my college project which was a Hi-Fi valve amplifer. Now the amp is 98% finished, I can send you a couple of photos. Thank you for the great parts and service. “There is a toroid inside with ventilation above. It uses an ECC83 to split the signal for two outputs. …

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Jonny’s Monster

“Going to attach some shots of my AD30 clone. I’m building an enclosure for it while building the amp. It’s getting a coat of Mesa-style tolex at the minute.”

Andy’s Princeton build

“Here are some pics of my Princeton, I finished it yesterday. Built with your PTFE board and turrets. She sounds fantastic – unfortunately she’s sold already, so I only got her for another week.”

Ben’s … unusual … cassette player amp

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great service and fast despatch. The PTFE wire worked great in my DIY Hybrid valve amp / Cassette player. “The Amp is a 12AU7 / 50EH5 setup and the cassette is open top with a Philips TDA1522 preamp IC.”

Adelino’s self-made SL-18

“The circuit is very similar to the SL-18 with a few changes that make it more like the Orange Tiny Terror with separate tone controls. The volume is after the phase inverter and the gain is also a double pot that joins the gain and volume of the SL-18. “Also added the switchable output mod …

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Greg’s high gain wedge

“I love my 5watt high gain monster. I decided to build a wedge…why? It just made sense, my main amp spends most of its time tilted back at 45 degrees facing up at me with a mic in front of it. “Donor chassis, everything else I did. Cabinetmaker by trade. First time upholsterer. I used …

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Simon’s HRD reborn…

“Many thanks for the swift dispatch, order safely received today. I’d accidentally turned my Hot Rod Deluxe into a useless pile of junk by swapping a few components in order to “improve” it but actually resulting it in producing an ear splitting hum/roar every time it was switched on.… The final solution was to rip …

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Malcolm’s scratchbuilt 18W TMB and SE amps

“Some pictures of my 18 watt TMB Super Lite build, the first finished amp, front and back, and the second complete chassis which I have assembled and soldered plus tested ok. “The next next pictures show my 6v6GT single ended stereo, top and bottom view.”

Gary Hodgkiss’ reborn radio

I love seeing projects like this (while not being keen to do it myself!). Check out the ‘Junior Pilot’ badge above the grille. “The planning took forever, and then when I fitted the chassis the interference was so bad I had to do it again. It looks bigger in the pictures, it was a proper …

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