Matthew’s 18W plexi TMB build

“I finally got there! 🙂 I think the results are really nice! Thanks for all your amazing help, I’ll definitely be ordering transformers and such from you again! – people want me to make them one now! “It’s ‘brown western Tolex’ and feels just the same as leather but should be a little more durable. …

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Jean-Loup’s 2-channel amp

“I’ve tweaked a two channel amp for my friend. See the prototype picture attached and the final enclosure: his own grandfather radio! “Clean Channel PP-18 (great sounding) and dirty channel based preamp N5X and PP-18 power section.”

Stuart’s stomper

Nice to hear about other sorts of projects, too. Here, Stuart has used the vintage-style tagboard cut down to make a classic fuzz pedal. “I’ve not noticed any difference between resistor (composition). Certainly not in this circuit. Choice of transistor makes a huge difference though. “Both the power inverter and the switch board came from …

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David’s hi-fi amp

“Here is a pic of my little PC amp. My normal thing is my valve radio collection… 30 or more!”

Jon’s V-front amplifier builds

“I’’ve been collecting images and descriptions for your gallery. Only Donna-Lee (#0003) has really benefited from parts, but boy, has she benefited. Those Neutrik jacks and Sprague caps have made her just splendid. I went a bit overkill on the orange at first, but have reduced it to just on the signal path. “I’’ll probably …

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Rob’s JTM clone

“The January build was a JTM45, it contains quite a few Amp Maker parts especially the board. I used Danbury transformers. Cab was the biggest job, finger joints cut by hand.”

Bob’s Vox transplant

“I have now completed my project which was the conversion of a Vox Pathfinder 15 watt solid state amplifier having tremelo and spring reverb, to a wholly valve amplifier with approximately the same output power and with tremelo and spring reverb. “The valve complement is 2 x EL84, 3 x ECC83, and 1 X ECC81. …

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Jim’s scratch-built 18Wer

“Just for interest attached is my latest build using your parts – tag board, transformers and various other parts. It’s a scratch build that I was recommended to try called a Phat Ass 16 Or 26 dependent on the exact configuration. Using two EEC83 and a pair of EL84s. “Pre-amp runs both sides of V1 …

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Jean-Loup’s old radio revamp

“I have made a hybrid amp between PP-18 and P1800 into a very small old Dehay radio. Preamp section is PP18 and the power amp section is the P1800 with the four modes and VVR. “The turret board has turrets and components on both top and bottom – mandatory to fit into this small enclosure. …

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David’s version of the WF-55

David from Brazil scratchbuilt a Champ using the WF-55 manual as his build guide. “Hi Barry. This is the guy from Brasil. My WF is ready, finally. The cab was made by Family Jorge Luthier, they are very well known here in Brazil; they also made the chassis. They are two sisters one is Veronita …

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Gary Hodgkiss’ reborn radio

I love seeing projects like this (while not being keen to do it myself!). Check out the ‘Junior Pilot’ badge above the grille. “The planning took forever, and then when I fitted the chassis the interference was so bad I had to do it again. It looks bigger in the pictures, it was a proper …

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Joris Kriesel’s SE-5a variant

“About two months ago I bought a chassis, switches, lots of other hardware at your store. I was very satisfied with the quality and started building. The plan was to use your British Overdrive schematic with some modifications: Standby switch became a switch between diode and EZ80 recifier valve, I added a switch to disconnect …

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Aleksi’s 2-channel amp

Aleksi’s a very serial amp builder, and a regular over at This is his scratch-built 2-channel push-pull amp. It uses a modified Amp Maker chassis and is stuffed with turret boards. Aleksi is using the super-easy to work with PTFE (teflon) boards for sub-assemblies all around the amp. “Just wanted to send you a …

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Barrie Tait’s reborn Ibanez

“The chassis is a burnt out Ibanez TB-15r. The amp is basically your SE-5a with a mod making C1 and C3 switchable – i.e. bright or dark. The other bits are a small ali box on top of the chassis. This is a valve vibracaster reverb circuit that incorporates a Brimar ECC82 valve and small …

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